Quietly situated on 700 Acre Island on Penobscot Bay, Dark Harbor Boat      
Yard is a full service boat yard that offers safe anchorage within Cradle Cove. Visitors to the cove can take advantage of our facilities or relax onboard, watching spectacular sunrises over Islesboro.

During July and August, the classic Dark Harbor 20 sailboats can be seen racing on Friday and Saturday afternoons.

700 Acre Island can only be reached by boat; however, we are only a short distance from the Islesboro Ferry Terminal. Arrangements are frequently made to meet our customers at Islesboro and bring them to Dark Harbor Boat Yard.

Dark Harbor Boat Yard offers gas, diesel, water and ice at the dock. We have been told that our block ice is the best ice on Penobscot Bay.

Our office facility offers a chandlery, showers, laundry and head. We can complete most gas and diesel repairs and offer boat storage and maintenance.

If your summer cruising brings you by Islesboro, stop over at Dark Harbor Boat Yard in Cradle Cove.


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